Your Skull began performing in Brooklyn, NY in 2008 with the expressed intent of resexualizing the nation’s college rock scene (having no idea the format had died in the late 80s).  Featuring ex-members of Detroit’s infamous psycho-core unit Thoughts of Ionesco and Michigan’s post-hardcore heroes Small Brown Bike, Your Skull migrated to the big, rotten apple in search of inspiration and humiliation.  They found both, and their debut EP Let’s Get Acquainted tells the tales of bloodsucking Lower East Side debutantes, car service drug escorts, urban paranoia, and does so with a undeniably Midwestern sincerity.  There’s love; there’s romance; there’s loose nuts… lost marbles.  Your Skull’s pop damage is delightful in the way of all our favorite rock n’ roll crackpots (Mike Patton, Josh Homme, Weird Al).  These are musicians who grew up on a fusion of the SST back catalog and 1980’s Trans Am hair metal before belatedly discovering the delicious pop stylings of Bananramma and Yaz in the late 2000s.  Thus Your Skull’s avant sound is a cantankerous, circuitous tour through anglo-rock’s recent history.  Recorded in a Brooklyn loft-space and mixed in Detroit, Let’s Get Acquainted is their first offering to the audiophile/audio-phallic cosmos.  It’s beats the shit out of the Vivian Girls but isn’t as good as Drive Like Jehu–– we’re ready to admit that.  But there’s a place for Your Skull… you might rather pay for a 25-cent peep than a ten-dollar concert ticket, but there is a place.  And we’re here to accommodate.  How about a quickie?   Let’s Get Acquainted!

Your Skull stats:

1 in 3 members “shave down there.”

1 in 3 members has been jailed

“Let’s Get Acquainted” is to be used in the upcoming Deathstar Energy Drink campaign

2 in 3 members eat pork

1 in 3 members has been to rehab

2 in 3 members believe in UFOs

1 in 3 members suffer from male pattern baldness

YSMC has toured with Small Brown Bike, Coalesce, William Ocean (National Air Guitar Champion), etc.

0 in 3 members voted for Ron Paul

Jeff Gensterblum:  Drums.

Chadwick Whitehead: Bass, vocals.

Sean Madigan Hoen: Vocals, Guitar.

“SO GOOD.  Like… blown away.”  –– Brooklyn Vegan