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“It’s probably not the most appropriate name in regards to their music, but one can definitely agree that Your Skull My Closet is an attention grabbing name for a band that is, for all intents and purposes, a radio rock band. Forming in New York several years ago, YSMC take the generally inauthentic and distasteful 90s popular rock style and breathe life into it, through a combination of solid, hook-laden songwriting and a subtle awareness of the popular indie-rock styles of today…”

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Trash Bar. Brooklyn, NY. Fri July 22.

A nice write up from our friends at Exploding In Sound.

BREAKING OUT, VOL. 1: Summer People, Your Skull My Closet, Neur, Wives, Mind Powers, + Dead Wives
“The Skinny: Your Skull My Closet are doing their part in keeping Brooklyn rock music dangerous and interesting. Their blend of post-punk snarls with aggression and oozes with style at the same time, quick to bash you over the head at one moment and make you want to get up and dance the next. The guys draw a great deal of influence from the most unholy combination of Hot Snakes and Queens of the Stone Age on their fantastic new EP We Find One Another, seething with angular blasts of guitar and deep rhythmic grooves. Their rough around the edges brutality is balanced by their hazy desert soul (via the Midwest) and spectacular drumming from Jeff Gensterblum (ex-Small Brown Bike).”

How Many Licks (Saint Vitus, Brooklyn)

Your Skull My Closet – “How Many Licks it Takes to Change Your Mind” live at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn , NY.

Saint Vitus Show. Greenpoint. Brooklyn, NY.

New EP: We Find One Another

We Find One Another now exists.
We Find One Another - Your Skull My Closet

The Shelter. Detroit. April 30th.

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Digital Dispatch 03.2011

Show:Knitting Factory w/ Colour Revolt. Feb 11.

Knitting Factory YSMC with Colour Revolt

Friday, Feb 11, Your Skull My Closet is playing at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn with Colour Revolt and A Great Big Pile of Leaves.

Let’s Get Acquainted (Cakeshop, NYC)